Mobile Phone Cases and 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in One

So Why Do I Need A Mobile Phone Case?

A mobile phone case should be considered one of the most important accessories you ever purchase for your mobile phone. They serve many purposes as they not only protect your phone from the occasional drop but also they make it much easier to keep a grip on your phone when you are holding it. There are many styles, types and materials that you can choose from when purchasing your mobile phone case. Everyone needs something a little different so make sure you account for your needs.

After extensive research, it is clear that the most purchased type of phone case is a standard clear case. Made from flexible materials and covering most of the phone this type offers basic protection from scratches, although not much from drops, they are great for showing off your phone underneath.

Another firm favourite, especially for people that require more protection, are the hard plastic/silicone cases (some variants are called "armour cases") and these are designed to stop your phone from being damaged in much more serious drop scenarios and offer much greater protection from scratches. Depending on the Manufacturer chosen these are often a much higher price than a basic clear case.

If however, you are the kind of person that needs to carry a card or two (or maybe a £20 note) then you should definitely be considering a wallet case as these are designed for card/cash storage and also have the additional benefit of wrapping around the whole phone. Some of the leather wallet cases can be quite intricately made and be both beautiful and functional too.

You really need to buy a Mobile Phone Case, as a priority, that fits your model of phone. There is nothing worse than trying to get your phone into a case that is far too tight and one that is too loose will offer no real protection at all.

As with any purchase, you must make sure you do your own research. I have made purchases of cases from Amazon that have been from massive established brands and the case wasn't great. Equally, I have purchased from unknown small independents and I have had cases that were close to perfection for my needs at that time. Review Review Review. A little time invested in research saves money later on as it would be very true to say that not all mobile phone cases are created equal.

So here are 10 great reasons why you should invest in a Mobile Phone Case:-

  • Protects your phone from scratches and damage.
  • Keeps your phone safe when you drop it.
  • Makes your phone easier to hold.
  • Adds a little extra protection against drops.
  • Helps keep your phone clean.
  • Looks good.
  • Gives your phone a little personality.
  • Lets you add some flair to your phone - "Hello Kitty" and Manga are huge sellers.
  • Let you express yourself - all of my Apple items are themed Blue.
  • The best reason - it protects the value of your mobile phone, if you choose to sell it in the future.

At Phones From Home in Boston (Lincolnshire) we have a selection of Mobile Phone Cases that you can buy from. We also stock Screen Protectors, Chargers and other accessories you may need for your new iPhone or Android purchase. 

If you find yourself wondering "Where can I sell my phone?" then contact us first as we can often buy, at better than market price, or swap against your new device.

Mobile Phone Case Protecting Phone When Dropped

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