IPHONE 14 Pro Max Best Hidden Features!

Unleash the Fun with the iPhone 14 Pro Max at Phones From Home!

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has been making waves since its launch, and it’s easy to see why. This powerhouse packs the lightning-fast A16 Bionic chip, an all-new always-on display, the dynamic Island, a stunning 48MP main camera, and so much more. And with iOS 16, there are tons of fun software features to dive into. Let's explore some of the coolest features that make the iPhone 14 Pro Max an absolute blast to use!


Snap in Glorious 48MP Resolution

Ready to take your photography game to the next level? The iPhone 14 Pro Max's 48MP main camera lets you do just that. Normally, photos are captured at 12MP to save storage, but when you need every pixel, go full 48MP! Here's how:

  1. Head to Settings > Camera > Formats > Apple ProRAW and toggle it on.
  2. Select 48MP under the ProRAW Resolution section.

In the Camera app, tap the RAW toggle at the top. Note: 48MP works at 1x focus; other zoom levels default to 12MP.

Make the Always-On Display Yours

The always-on display is super handy, but did you know you can customise it? Initially, it dimmed the lock screen wallpaper and displayed notifications, which some found distracting. Now, you can tweak it to your liking:

  1. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Always On Display.
  2. Choose whether you want the wallpaper, notifications, or just a plain black screen.

Spice Up Your Photos with Photographic Styles

Photographic Styles let you add your personal touch to every photo by adjusting tone and warmth settings in real-time. These aren’t filters; they’re better! Here’s how to set them up:

  1. Go to Settings > Camera > Photographic Styles.
  2. Swipe through options like Standard, Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm, and Cool, and pick your favourite.

You can also activate these styles directly in the Camera app by tapping the arrow at the top or swiping up above the shutter button, then selecting the Photographic Styles icon.

Master Your Day with Focus Modes

Focus modes are a game-changer for staying productive and minimising distractions. Customise them to allow notifications only from specific apps or people, and set Focus Filters to control app behaviour and system settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Focus.
  2. Choose a pre-made Focus mode or create your own.

Schedule Focus modes or let them activate automatically based on your routine to keep your day on track.

Link Your Lock/Home Screens with Focus Modes

iOS 16’s lock screen customisation lets you pair specific lock and home screens with different Focus modes. This makes switching between work and play a breeze:

  1. Bring up the lock screen switcher.
  2. Select the lock screen you want to link and tap the Focus button on the preview.
  3. Choose the Focus mode to link with that screen.

Now, when you activate a Focus mode, the corresponding lock and home screens will automatically pop up, making it easy to see which mode you're in.

With these tips, your iPhone 14 Pro Max will be more fun and functional than ever! Stay tuned to Phones From Home for more awesome tricks and tips!

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