Get the Best Deals on Quality Phones at Phones From Home

At Phones From Home, we pride ourselves on offering the best devices, both new and second-hand, at unbeatable prices. We believe that cheap phones do not mean cheap quality! All of our devices undergo an extensive 64-point check and a detailed grading system to ensure they are accurately marked, providing you with the best devices at the best prices.

Located in Boston, Lincolnshire, Phones From Home grades our secondhand phones based on industry-standard practices, ranging from Grade A to C. We've developed a meticulous procedure to ensure consistency, so our customers can trust that a Grade B phone will be in a predictable condition.

Our Grading System

It's important to note that all our phones are fully functional, with no missing parts or broken screens. Our grading focuses on the device's cosmetic appearance and feel. Each phone is thoroughly cleaned and all content is removed.


  • Description: Never opened and still has the factory seal!
  • Condition: These devices provide the brand-new unboxing experience at a much lower price point.

Grade A

  • Description: Excellent cosmetic condition.
  • Condition: The front and rear housing show little to no signs of wear, with no cracks present. These devices look almost new, reflecting how well the previous owner cared for them.

Grade B

  • Description: Good overall condition.
  • Condition: The front and rear housing may show signs of wear and some scratches from daily use. The screen will be clear or mostly clear. These devices appear well-cared-for or lightly used.

Grade C

  • Description: Average or worn/poor cosmetic condition.
  • Condition: The front and rear housing may have scratches or cracks, but the screen remains intact and fully functional. Some areas might have dull spots or paint worn off on corners, with the screen showing hairline marks and scratches. These devices are well-used but still perform well, especially with a cover.

At Phones From Home, we guarantee that every phone is fully functional and ready for use. Our rigorous grading system ensures you know exactly what you're getting. Discover the best deals on high-quality phones today at Phones From Home, where affordability meets excellence!